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Orion’s Most Popular Podcast Episodes and Webinars of 2021

While many of us are glad to say goodbye to 2021, it wasn’t all bad! We had some great webinars and podcasts over the past 12 months. From market perspectives to behavioral finance insights to tax planning discussions, here is a look back at our most popular Weighing Machine and Standard Deviations episodes and Orion webinars of 2021. 

The Weighing Machine Podcast, hosted by Rusty Vanneman, CFA, CMT, Chief Investment Strategist, Orion 

  1. Evidence-Based Investing and Sustainability with Larry Swedroe 
  2. Legend Jeremy Siegel Shares his Market Outlook and his Concerns about Inflation 
  3. How to Conquer Risk Through Quantitative Investing with Manish Khatta 
  4. Mastering Your Investment Style with Dave Lundgren 
  5. Rising Inflation and Changing Markets with Carl Kaufman 
  6. Reimagining Asset Allocation and Building Investment Portfolios with Jake Gilliam 
  7. The Merits of CFP Credentials and Fiduciary Standards with Skip Schweiss 
  8. Understanding the Urgency of Crypto for Advisors with Christopher King 
  9. Tactical Investing and Rejecting Popular Opinion with Ken Sleeper 
  10. Maximizing Your Investment Returns with Scott Henderson 

Standard Deviations Podcast, hosted by Dr. Daniel Crosby, Chief Behavioral Officer, Orion 

  1. Kristin Shea – The Six Pillars of Neuromarketing    
  2. Stacy Havener – The Power of a Story  
  3. Carl  Richards – How to Make and Keep Financial Goals  
  4. Ric Edelman (Live from Ascent) 
  5. Dr. Daniel Crosby & Neil Bage – The Laws of Wealth  
  6. Tra Williams – An Entrepreneurial Outlook  
  7. Dr. Julie Ragatz – Empathy and the History of Behavioral Economics  
  8. Brendan Frazier – The Fuel and Friction Model of Behavioral Finance 
  9. Dr. Sarah Newcomb – Reprogramming Your Money Story 
  10. Penny Phillips – The Power of Practice Management for Financial Advisors

Orion’s Most Attended Webinars of 2021 

  1. Let’s Talk About Biden’s Tax Plan 
  2. Orion + HiddenLevers, A True End-to-End Wealthtech Solution 
  3. Exclusive Insights from Josh Brown, Presented by Orion 
  4. The Orion Client Portal: How It Started & How It’s Going 
  5. Let’s Talk Higher Taxes: The Policy Debate Heats Up 
  6. Build an Efficient Client Experience 
  7. May 2021 Product Release Webinar 
  8. How to Make 2021 the Best Year of Your Life (Yes, Really) 
  9. Orion’s Tax Managed Solution: Amplify Your Expertise 
  10. The Role of Blockchain and Digital Assets in Financial Planning 

For details on upcoming webinars and events at Orion, please visit our events page for more information.